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The Norwegian Ornithological Society

The Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOF) was founded in 1957, and is the bird protection society of Norway. An important part of our work has been to constitute a link between birdwatchers. With time, protection of birds and their habitats has become more important. A key policy for NOF is to influence developments for the best of birds by research and documentation.

Red-necked Phalarope

The Red-necked Phalarope breeds in the Norwegian mountains as well as along the coast in the extreme north (distribution map). This bird is an adult female in breeding plumage. Photo (c) Frode Falkenberg.

NOF has about 9000 members, and is equipped with a secretariat located in Trondheim with a permanent staff of four as well as several project staff. We have county groups and about 55 local groups. As a member you can take part in a number of NOF activities such as garden bird counts, breeding bird counts and other surveys. You also support our struggle to improve the conditions for our birds.

In the county and local groups there are lots of activities such as meetings and trips. The groups also run projects in which you can take part. Each county has its own magazine with articles on regional bird issues. You must subscribe separately to become a member of any county or local group.

As a national member, you will receive the magazine "Vår Fuglefauna" ("Our Bird Fauna") four times a year, containing 48 pages of exciting and educational articles from Norway and abroad. Twice a year we also publish the magazine "Fuglevennen" ("The Bird Friend"), which contains easily understood material about nature, mostly about birds. Furthermore we twice a year publish the scientific journal "Ornis Norvegica", and once a year "Ringmerkaren" ("The bird ringer") with information about all bird ringing in Norway the previous year. More than 200 000 birds are ringed in Norway every year. All magazines are listed in Norwegian here.

NOF needs many members to gain power and authority to effectively influence nature protection and management in Norway. Active work on policy and information to members and the general public also requires a healthy economy to run the organisation. Furthermore, help from many people is needed to care for the birds' habitats. Please join us and support our efforts!

Birds are not concerned with national borders. They may struggle in Norway, but problems here may still be modest compared to the situation in for instance many countries in the South. BirdLife International is an umbrella organisation for bird protection societies in all of the world's countries. As a partner in BirdLife International, NOF takes part in the efforts to secure bird habitats worldwide - both through co-operation with other BirdLife partners and through projects of our own.

NOF also runs "Fuglevakta" ("The Bird Guard"), which is an emergency phone on guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the objective of preventing fauna crime in Norway. When suspecting such crimes NOF supports police and customs through our network of skilled ornithologists and birdwatchers. The phone number is 901 22 901.

Norwegian Ornithological Society
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